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-          Ergonomically designed for perfect fit, patented

-          Patent registered closure-system: hook only fits in special rings for an individual adjustment

-          Short thumb stiffener for more flexibility during working process. No  pressure marks or rubbing

-          full-metal: 100% hygienic

-          Closest  ring mesh consisting of high quality chromium-nickel steel.

-          Inside diameter: 2,9mm / outer diameter: 4,0mm

-          Stable wire cross-section, wire diameter 0,55mm for extreme durability

-          Available in different wire versions:

o   classic: above- average durability

o   magnetic: high abrasion resistance, above- average durability, detectable by metal detector

o   detect: 100% detectable by metal detector

-          All-purpose glove for the left and the right hand

-          Reversible without special tools

-          Easy handling without wear parts like snap fasteners, buckles or straps

-          The cuff bracings are hygienic, flexible and steady

-          Completely closed channel for all cuff bracings, completely closed gauntlet gloves

-          Easy handling during and after the washing- and drying process    

           guarantees increased hygiene and longer durability

-          Easy to repair and environment-friendly

-          Available in 7 sizes

-          24 months guarantee

-          Every glove has an individual serial number for identification, personification and tracking

-          All Ecomesh-gloves are certified according to the norms

           DIN EN 14328:2005, DIN EN 1082-1:1997 and ISO 13999-1:1999/05