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The "ergonomic" EUROFLEX All metal safety glove.



The "ergonomic" EUROFLEX All metal safety glove with the decisive advantages:

  • Ergonomically designed for perfect fit - patented

  • Unique grip permits non-tiring operation

  • All-purpose glove for the left and the right hand

  • Very close ring mesh...inside diameter: 2,9 / outer diameter 4,0 mm

  •  classic: wire diameter 0,55 mm - for more than average durability

  •  xtrem: wire diameter 0,55 mm - high abrasion resistance, for extreme long durability

  • detect: wire diameter 0,55 mm - all parts can be found by a metal detector for a final inspection of 100%

  • High grade metal strap, hygienic and flexible

  • The cuff bracings are hygienic, flexible and steady

  • Totally closed pockets for all cuff bracings, totally closed strap channel in the pulse area

  • Total closed glove according EN14328

  • The straps can be replaced easily, spare parts sets are available - no costs for maintenance, repair sets are available. Hygiene is ensured

  • Robust and durable push button closure system - without hooks. That means easy handling during and after the washing process

  • classic: 24 months guarantee

  • xtrem: 36 months guarantee

  •  detect: 24 months guarantee