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The stab protection safety apron with integrated correct fit:



  • Absolutely correct fit is given by the wide waist tie made of contrary mesh

  • The apron accommodates itself exactly to the body shape

  • X-strap and waist strap triple adjustable - that gives perfect fit for different body shape

  • Wide straps for comfortable wearing, resistant hooks for durability

  • Bracings made of high resistant, flexible steel ensure ease mobility

  • Chromium nickel stainless steel mesh with separately welded rings will give safety.

    Standard:   Thickness of 0,8 mm, ring diameter inner / outer 5,4 / 7,0  
    Twice: Thickness of 0,57 mm, ring diameter inner / outer 2,86 / 4,0  
    Light L: Thickness of 0,72 mm, ring diameter inner / outer 5,56 / 7,0
  • Due to 4 different sizes each user will find a perfect bolero or apron

  • Label made of stainless steel

  • 36 months guarantee

  • Heilemann Sicherheitstechnik is able to produce each special design of protective clothing made of stainless steel mesh you can imagine, all in a little while.

  • All EUROFLEX products are manufactured exclusively and completely in Germany by our qualified staff, ensuring the highest possible degree of quality and delivery readiness.

  • Do not accept anything less