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Silicon nopped glove

he Glove for handling anything that is razor sharp or smooth as glas





Razor sharp edges and burrs occur when workpieces made from sheet metal or other types of metal are being machined. These workpieces often need to be picked up by hand on workbenches or machinery before they are finished, meaning that the possibility of injury cannot be ruled out.

The new EUROFLEX® silicon nopped glove provides ideal protection when workpieces like this are being handled. It fits perfectly and has outstanding durability. The extremely dense metal ring mesh provides flexible stability. The adjustable polyester rubber band with pushbutton fastener can be replaced at any time, and the gloves are easy to clean using any normal detergent in warm water at a temperature of about 50°C.

Glass processing industry


Caution is needed when handling glass. Glass is extremely smooth, occasionally difficult to handle, heavy, and can easily break. It should be prevented from slipping when it is being carried. Critical situations can also occur during processing or when broken glass is being removed from window frames, for example.


The new EUROFLEX® silicon nopped glove provides its user with long-term protection and a absolutely solid grip without the risk of injury when glass is being handled. The glove cannot withstand equipment such as powered saws or the like, or machinery. Never use damaged safety gloves when working. It is advisable to hang up the glove after it has been used or washed.


Available in 5 sizes:






Strap colour:


HC151 N




HC152 N




HC153 N




HC154 N




HC155 N